CVS for MVS has come

Believe it or not, Big Iron Mainframes are quickly coming into the 21st century.  And one of these advances are due to the introduction of POSIX services and Unix System Services (USS) to the MVS operating environment.  Now, many of the GNU software packages you've enjoyed in the Linux and Unix world are now available on MVS.

One of the most popular of these tools is the Concurrent Versioning System, or CVS.  This is an easy to use source librarian software package that allows one or more programmer to manage, protect, and archive your important intellectual properties.

Why use a source code librarian?

Why use CVS? What else can CVS do? What is the status of the CVS for MVS port? How do I use CVS for MVS. Where can I find out more on CVS? Where can I find CVS for MVS? If you have any comments, questions, or problems on the MVS port, feel free to contact me at:

New: CVS for MVS now has a mailing list server. To subscribe/unsubscribe go to

CVS for MVS is the result of the efforts of several people:
Wayne Johnson (
Preston Bannister (
Jeff Trawick (
Dave Ormsby
Deiter Kessler

And probably other's I haven't heard of.  Thank you all!